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Waxed Apples is now on Bandcamp ... Check it out today!
Find out all the latest on my GorFusion Project there!

I'm happy to announce that CTP "The Colin Tench Project" is back at it again and we are working on brand new material for yet another album presented by the mastermind himself Colin Tench! Brilliant bass playing by Petri Lindstrom (CTP, Progeland). Plus we have been honored to have Joe Vitale legendary drummer of Joe Walsh and The Eagles fame to play on this album with us...  WOW! Check us out here and at the Corvus Stone website!

I've also released some new music I am currently working on in GorMusik Studio! It will feature the guitar playing of Colin Tench (Colin Tench Project & Corvus Stone) for my new recording project 'Progtropolis' , and a track from my Snakes & Angels album project entitled 'The Wandering' that will feature Joe Frick on bass. You can listen here to discover my new music as well as my Fun In OuterSpace album. All the music can be purchased here, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and can be found on many streaming sites. So please enjoy and help support independent music with a purchase. All monies from digital download sales will be going to CD production on my Progtropolis album. Thank you all so much for your continual support. It is greatly appreciated. Peace Love and Prog!!!

WOW! What A Great Year 2016 Has Been For GorMusik!!!

I'm ecstatic over the news of GorMusik Winning the Friday Night Progressive 2016 IndeProg Award For Composition For My 'Fun In OuterSpace Album'!!! I am truly honored and humbled, thank you all so much for your continued support!

I was able to work with some great musicians this year starting with The Colin Tench Project and Joshua Leibowitz.

Plus an upcoming track I've written for United Progressive Fraternity that has some absolutely stellar artists playing on it including Steve Hackett, Steve Unruh, and Mark Trueack! The Album 'Planetary Overload' is a 2 album set which includes some of the greatest talent on planet earth. 'Part - 1 Loss' will be released in 2018 and 'Part 2 - Hope' will be released in 2019!  Keep your eyes open for this one!

I am truly honored to be working with such incredible artists!

Whats Next? There is a lot more music being produced for release with in the next year so hang on and stay tuned in to find out what when and where, cheers!

Don't forget that my track "Alpha Centauri" is included on "There Is Hope Records" release "One Love! Music For Relief" 

I am deeply honored and humbled to be a part of such a great cause for those in need along side so many other great International recording artists that are contributing to this album.

Our hope is that this release will not only raise some of the much needed money to help the survivors of these tragedies and their families, we also hope to continue to focus awareness on the human aspect of our existence long after the fickle media cycle has moved on. Yes there are natural disasters, unfortunately there is no short supply of these, but it is how we humans come together that is the true miracle of our existence. We cannot let these events fall off our radar, we must continue to support our fellow humans as they begin to rebuild their lives. So yes the earthquake in Central Italy and catastrophic flooding in Louisiana have abated, but now the road to rebuilding has begun and we know that support will be needed for some time to come, There is Hope Records wants to ensure that support continues.

There is Hope Records is a non-profit organization 100% of sales will be donated.

Where Does The Money Go?
Minus PayPal and/or credit card transactions; 100% of money will be donated to… and split between Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross.

 Find out all the details and how you to can be a part of this great cause at the official website

Music can be purchased at:

We would like to encourage everyone to help promote this project on social media and those with a website we encourage to add a link or embed the player on your site.
Thank you!




Great News!!

GorMusik's Album Fun In OuterSpace Wins The FNP 2016 IndeProg Award For Composition!!!

Colin Tench's Album "Hair in a G-String"! Check out all the Goodety Goodness here and get your copy today! Find out more at the Colin Tench Project website!

Ronald Marquiss / DUSD album the One or the Whole can be heard here. All donations go to support Friday Night ProgressiveIndependent Radio for Independent Artists


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