Great things are happening in GorMusik Studio's...

You will be seeing some changes as I am currently updating the site but its all working to the better end of things...

I've released some music I am working on in GorMusik Studio! It will feature the guitar playing of Colin Tench (Colin Tench Project & Corvus Stone) for my new recording project 'Progtropolis'... more as it developes 

 Also music from a track that will be on my Snakes & Angels album project entitled 'The Wandering' that will feature Joe Frick on bass.

You can listen here to discover my new music as well as my Fun In OuterSpace album. All the music can be purchased here, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and can be found on many streaming sites. So please enjoy and help support independent music with a purchase. All monies from digital download sales will be going to CD production on my Snakes & Angels and Progtropolis albums. Thank you all so much for your continual support. It is greatly appreciated. Peace Love and Prog!!!




Colin Tench Project News

Our Brand New Album

'minor Masterpiece'

has been released and can be heard and purchased at bandcamp and at the Colin Tench Project Website


Check out all of the Goodety Goodness of The Colin Tench Project's first album

'Hair in a G-String' 

on bandcamp as well!


Ronald Marquiss / DUSD album the One or the Whole can be heard here. All donations go to support Friday Night ProgressiveIndependent Radio for Independent Artists


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Fun In OuterSpace Is NOW Available On iTunes, Amazon, & Bandcamp...  

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